Video: Man Attempts to Eat Breakfast on Windiest Peak in the World


Anyone who’s ever been to the summit of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington knows it can be a bit breezy at the top. At a height of around 6,300 feet, Mount Washington boasts the highest peak in the Northeastern United States, and it is downright notorious for its weather. It’s so bad that the slogan of the Mount Washington Observatory is literally “Home of the World’s Worst Weather.” If you’re wondering what an objective definition of “worst” is, consider the fact that the mountain is often considered the windiest in the world. Until 2010, Mount Washington has held the world record for the highest windspeed at 231 miles per hour—enough to blow you right off if you’re not careful.

So obviously, the only reasonable thing to do is try to eat cereal on top of a mountain that feels like it’s constantly being blasted by a hurricane.¬†Apparently it’s also become something of a local tradition called the “Breakfast of Champions.”

For science.

Another attempt:

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