Video: Moose Blindsides Bike Riders from Behind Trees


Biking on groomed, well-lit trails is not usually considered a dangerous activity, especially if you’re taking a stroll through Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska. At least, you don’t consider it dangerous until a mad cow moose charges out of the tree and blindsides you. According to this video, these four mountain bikers found themselves on the wrong trail at the wrong time when they came too close to a mother moose and her two calves.

“Needless to say we got lucky,” stated the video’s description.

No kidding. The cow moose charged at the bikers and appeared to have at least attempted to strike one of the them with its front hooves. Fortunately, the attack missed by a mile and at the last second, the moose veered and stopped its advance. It goes without saying that this encounter could have gone very badly for the bikers if the moose decided to be just a little bit more aggressive.

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