Even among piebald deer, this white-faced fawn is unique. According to MLive.com, this strange looking fawn was born at Deer Tracks Junction—an animal farm open to the public—in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

In the wild, piebald fawns are often rejected by their mothers, as is the case here, and will inevitably succumb to the elements or predators if left alone. Fortune smiled on this young fawn, however, and it is now in the care of the farm owners, who named it “Dragon.” Interestingly, the doe that gave birth to Dragon is also a piebald and still lives at the farm.

You can see a video of Dragon below:

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4 thoughts on “Video: Rare White-faced Fawn in Michigan Named “Dragon”

  1. Rare indeed, glad this one is at a game farm. In Michigan a person can hunt them. Yes OutdoorHub, am glad you stated RARE. Am in no way anti hunting, I’ve hunted for over 55 years and consider myself a very ethical hunter, but some animals should be left alone because of uniqueness.

  2. It’s not THAT rare. I have been breeding deer and concentrating on piebald genetics for almost 15 years. You can see A LOT more piebald by visiting our facebook page, Shadow Valley Whitetails. There is a good chance the fawn on this article may be a descendant of my bloodlines. I have sold straws of semen into Michigan over the years for artificial insemination. She looks just like one of mine.

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