Trail cams are often good for a candid look into the lives of bears. More often than not, bruins are more than content to while away their hours rubbing up on trees, scrounging for food, or just laying in the sun. Sometimes, however, a trail cam will capture something different.

We’re not sure why these two bears decide to duke it out, but this short video has one of the most intense—and quickest—bear brawls we’ve seen to date. The actual fight itself only took a few seconds, but you can see in the video that it’s almost entirely one-sided. Once dominance is asserted and the other bear is cowering behind the tree, the victor breaks off the fight and goes back to looking for food. Bear duels often end quickly and without ceremony to prevent further injury.

After all, he’s already proven himself top dog. Might as well go take a nap while he has the advantage.

Image screenshot of video by Keith Warren on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Violent Bear Brawl Caught on Trail Cam

  1. This is our footage. We have 5 live angles of this fight. I posted it on Keefer Bros FB the other day and it took off! It was amazing to see in person. -Chris Keefer

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