Shed hunters and wildlife watchers say it is the end of an era following the death of a massive mule deer near Bend, Oregon. Famous for his large, non-typical antlers, the deer that locals dubbed “Buck Norris” was found dead on Friday after an automobile accident.

According to KTVZ, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) estimated the buck’s age at around 10 years old—which is practically ancient when it comes to wild deer. It has been a long reign for this legendary buck, one that is now at an end.

“ODFW staff in the Bend area and statewide are saddened by the loss,” ODFW spokesperson Michelle Dennehy said in a statement. “Unfortunately, vehicle-wildlife collisions happen throughout Oregon and are more common around high density areas and in the Bend/central Oregon area in particular. While Buck Norris’ habit of staying within Bend city limits helped protect him to an older age, it finally put him at risk.”

The massive buck first showed up in the Bend area several years ago. Although little is known about his origins, the buck and his near record-sized antlers quickly attracted attention from wildlife watchers and photographers. Due to his popularity, little was done to inhibit the buck as he roamed freely across the city’s streets and yards—although he preferred to stay near the Nosler manufacturing plant, which ironically makes hunting ammunition.

You can see a video of a sleepy Buck Norris below:

Sticking close to city limits meant that Buck Norris was a prize target for a different type of hunter. Sheds from the massive buck were legendary in their own right and according to some residents, a full set could cost a collector up to $5,000. In light of his death, some are calling for the deer to be mounted in the city hall in remembrance. Fans of the buck have even started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a bronze sculpture of the deer to be commissioned for the city.

“Let’s give Buck the memorial he deserves for bringing so many of us so much joy and awe over the years,” stated the GoFundMe page.

“The infamous, most photographed mule deer in Central Oregon was easily recognizable by his downturned antler. He fearlessly roamed the roads and yards around town and made friends across the region,” the page added.

In the end, this fearlessness cost him his life. The ODFW reported that the driver of the vehicle was not injured.

You can watch an interview with those who kept an eye on Buck over the years below:

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Image screenshot of video by Harlan Cooper on YouTube

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14 thoughts on “Legendary Oregon Mule Deer “Buck Norris” Found Dead

    1. I know it’s absolutely absurd! Here these crazy blood
      thirsty hunters are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars a year into struggling
      small town economies across the country, spending millions of dollars lobbying for
      environmental bills and volunteering hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of
      hours supporting wildlife conservation, just to respectfully and humanely
      harvest an animal to feed themselves and their family as their ancestors have
      done for hundreds of years. Absolutely absurd!…….

      Especially when you consider they
      could just wait for them to overpopulate an area and run them down with their
      cars. What are we thinking guys? We quit hunting them for a couple of years….can
      you say open season on I-90! We won’t even have to wear that horrendous blaze

      I know what your thinking…… That’s terrible!
      What about all of the innocent lives that would be put at risk on the roads by
      the overpopulation of this species? Oh, come on as you have already established
      in your vilification of the hunter; there nothing but a bunch of blood thirsty
      individuals there certainly not compassionate every day citizens who just enjoy
      spending time outdoors bonding with friends and family. It’ll just add to rush
      they get! It’ll be like Twisted Metal meets Buck Hunter. If anyone needs me I’ll
      be in the garage installing a brush guard on my car, open season 2020 here I

      1. I hunt for meat alone, it is my sole source of meat… If there happens to be a nice sized rack on the deer that is just a bonus.

    2. Where do you folks get the idea that’s what’s happening? I’ve met all kinds of hunters. Even a couple so called poachers (they subsistence hunt without legal permits-because they have for generations, and they are poor). Even the dopiest macho guys, and none of them hunt for the “pleasure and fun”, at least not as you mean it. I think you think we kill stuff and leave it lay. NOT AT ALL A PART OF HUNTING. There has been people that do that, but those are Jeffrey Dahmer types that are mentally disturbed. They are not hunting. They are psychos that would do that to insects and people. THEY ARE NOT US! The pleasure and fun comes from being with friends and family. Sharing and enjoying the bounty of a successful hunt. Enjoying the wild outdoors. Deriving self respect for being successful at something that is very difficult to do. Being capable of staying alive in some of the most inhospitable places on earth is a skill. We work for days straight hauling several 100 lb packs of meat out of these places, so they DONT get wasted, because we DO value these creatures so highly. You should talk with these folks, you’d find out we are just folks. Good people. We are the ones responsible for the strong balances of wildlife, by the way. The money we put into wildlife and habitat far exceeds what little non hunters and anglers contribute. Or the states and Feds. The number one technique for wildlife management is hunting and fishing. The food that is donated to homeless and hungry is valued very highly. In terms of dollars it would add up to billions worth of donation. You should check this info out. It is all available online. So rather than be so disheartened based on misinformation or misinterpretation, and suffer emotionally, you should be able to understand and rest easy that we are good people, doing good things. Respect your neighbor. The wildlife and resources are in good peoples hands. You are invited to participate too. If you don’t know how, there are resources all over the place to aid folks like you to enter the way of life (I don’t call it sport). Local DNR, has classes from gun safety, to archery, to fishing lessons, to free gear, etc. Your basic desire to care for these animals is admirable. I feel that way too. If anyone were to kill one just to kill it, well they better not tell me. Again, join us and learn more, and contribute to overall health and well being of wildlife and their environment.

      1. Thank you very much for stating this, I feel the same way. I appreciate you trying to educate these people. Have a great day.

    3. Because they taste great and are heart healthy. There is blood on your hands as well. Hunters just choose to be honest participants in the cycle of life.
      Even Vegans are responsible for the death of wildlife. Think about it for a second. Nobody loves wildlife more or ponies up more money for wildlife conservation and habitat improvement than sportsman.
      Best regards.

      1. Hunters are not conservationists.
        They never help endangered hotspots.
        Never help without killing.
        They make stupid pages about killing all predators.
        If humans don’t control their numbers conservation will fail.
        Earth is finite.
        Hunters are mostly farmers and farmers kills lots of plants to feed their cattle.
        GOP cuts lots of forests and plants for more roads.
        You clear cut for farm lands.
        You have more blood in your hand than vegan and vegetarian.
        You dunno if she’s a vegan or vegetarian or not.

  1. And there are still people who drive their cars for self-around, running over these beautiful creatures, and then just leave them to rot.

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