You’re probably going to need a bigger IWB holster for this “concealed weapon.”

We’re not sure how to break it to Jerry, but we don’t think that throwing a vest over something automatically makes it concealed carry. At the very least, it presents a massive printing issue. In this tongue-in-cheek video, Jerry gets to put his hands on a X-15 flamethrower by the Cleveland-based company Xmatter. According to the manufacturer, this flammenwerfer weighs a hefty 49 pounds and has a maximum range of 50 feet. With a fuel mix of 90 percent diesel and 10 percent gasoline, the X-15 can also belch about three gallons of fiery destruction in just under a minute.

Few things could put as much “fire” in the word “firepower,” and Jerry uses it to burn down some old range furniture.

Image screenshot of video by The Leaders in Gun Control! on YouTube

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