That’s a lot of bait right there.

Texas wildlife officials at Eisenhower State Park are stumped by the appearance of large, living worm balls that have started congregating on park roads. Officials speculate that recent rains may have brought to worms to the surface, but have no idea why the creatures decided to group together in clumps. Are they working together to better survive intense rainfall? Is it some kind of mating ritual? Are they summoning Shai-Hulud from the arid world of Arrakis?

Some experts say the worms are actually communicating through touch, although what more they could say other than “here, have some slime,” we can’t exactly tell.

What do you think?

Mysterious Worm BallsWhy have the worms started congregating on the roads? Has the recent rain brought them together? Let us know what you think!

Posted by Eisenhower State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife on Friday, May 29, 2015

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5 thoughts on “Video: Mysterious Live “Worm Balls” Appear in Texas

  1. I’m thinking possibly a protective measure as protection against drowning in all this rain. Single worms drown. Maybe grouping helps them survive

    1. I have never noticed clumping or grouping of the worms, but I have noticed numbers sufficient to make you scratch your head in wonder.

      Mother Nature is both cruel and awe inspiring, huh?

      1. In summer of 2004 I work for gray county texas,me an a associate were opening up clogged drainage covers to allow waters over roads to drain and found same clumps of worms in colbert as th ed y washed out.

  2. What’s all the black dirt on top of them maybe some kid playing a prank u can buy worms in bulk at a worm farm then spread them by had in balls . Plus how did tey know to get in between the yellow lines of the road .. More like a prank that got y’all

  3. Perhaps the worms are trying not to drown or at least attempting to get away from the saturated turf. I have noticed this event after a heavy rain here in Fort Worth. It has occurred many times in the past decade alone. After a heavy rain, scores of worms slither out of the grass onto the deck of my swimming pool and die from desiccation.

    As I indicated, it is normally associated with significant rainfall. Since most of Texas has been subjected to torrential rain during this Spring, this may be an explanation for the worms collecting on the road.

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