That looks a little too furry to be a fish.

It is not unusual for anglers to hook something else than their target fish (or any kind of fish), but have you ever tried to reel in a beaver? Needless to say, it offered these two fishermen one of the strangest experiences of their lives.

“While fishing in Canada this past August, my dad accidentally caught a beaver while we were jigging for northern pike,” wrote YouTube user Jeremiah Johnson on the video’s description. “We had not even seen the beaver in the bay we were fishing and initially my dad thought he had caught a large pike or muskie. Lo and behold, it ended up being a beaver. The beaver was released successfully as I was able to push the jig out of the beaver’s tail with a paddle.”

Johnson added that his father was using a 14-pound Berkley Fireline on his reel and estimated the beaver at about 40 to 50 pounds.

Image from Tatiana Bulyonkova on the flickr Creative Commons

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