There are few things as fearsome—and gruesome—as a crocodile death roll. When a crocodile gets a hold of large prey, it will drag its unfortunate victim down into the water and attempt to drown it by rolling continuously. Of course, those that don’t drown will usually succumb to blood loss as the whirling cyclone of death inevitably tears off a limb or two. Once other crocodiles join in on the feeding frenzy, a carcass can be ripped apart in only a matter of minutes.

Of course, that only happens when a crocodile actually succeeds in holding onto prey. The sluggish reptile in the video below is just too slow to land some lunch and misses not once, but twice in a row. To be fair, the warthog and bushbuck it attacked looked like they were expecting it. Maybe it’ll do better next time.

Image screenshot of video by Caters TV on YouTube

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