Remember when gun wasn’t a dirty word?

This amazing commercial is for one of the most memorable and best-selling boys’ toys in 1964. The Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army) by Deluxe Reading has fun features like a grenade launcher, a bolt action rifle, a machine gun, an anti armor rifle, a missile launcher, and detachable pistol. All of this would have made for one seriously fun toy!

We can only imagine the uproar if this product was released today. We are fairly certain that this commercial would never even make it to the air. Watch this wonderful minute of nostalgia below.

Image screenshot of video by YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: The Mainstream Media Would Never Run This Toy Ad Today

  1. I actually had a Johnny Seven when I was a kid. My best friend and I talked about them for months until Christmas when we each got one and spent hours running around the fields and in the hay loft playing army. We made a lot of great memories in those months and tears. too bad kids are being robbed of that these days.

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