It may sound like the premise for the next Sharknado movie, but an accident on Florida’s I-95 resulted in a truck carrying five-foot sharks to careen off the road. According to WESH, the truck was transporting four sandbar sharks from Marathon to an aquarium in Coney Island, New York. At least one of the sharks was thrown clear of the vehicle and killed, while the condition of the other three is stable. The driver and two passengers of the truck were also unharmed.

“(The) tire blew out and we ended up in the ditch here,” said passenger Frank Young. “Accidents happen. We’re just glad everyone is OK.”

Sandbar sharks, a close relative of the more popular bull shark, are one of the largest coastal sharks in the world. They are also among the most common and least associated with attacks on humans, making them excellent choices for aquariums. Experts say the surviving sharks appear a little stressed from the accident and will likely be making a detour to SeaWorld Orlando before finishing the rest of their journey.

“We’re just grateful no one got injured and we’re happy to help,” SeaWorld assistant curator Jim Kinsler told News 13. “Sharks require good water conditions and appropriate space and care during travel.”

You can see video of the sharks being rescued below:

Image screenshot of video by WESH 2 News on YouTube

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