Sometimes nature does home delivery. This video was captured by a flabbergasted homeowner as a bear drags down and mauls a deer in his very backyard, reportedly somewhere in Colorado. The young bruin seems to have trouble taking prey that’s almost its own size, but the bear’s enthusiasm makes up for what it lacks in brawn and experience.

Unfortunately for the deer, it could do little more than bleat in panic as the bear bites it in the back of the neck and goes in for a kill. The video cuts off shortly before we see the results of the struggle, but the homeowner said he ended up chasing the bear off the property with a shotgun—possibly because nobody wants a bear having lunch on their lawn and then loitering around afterwards. The fate of the deer is unknown.

Mother nature at its finest!

Posted by J.d. Gieck on Sunday, June 7, 2015

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6 thoughts on “Video: Bear Takes Down Deer in Colorado Man’s Backyard

  1. This guy was an idiot, grab your gun and scare the bear. The young bear would run with the noise. Does the homeowner have no brains

  2. The bear was doing what bears do…This plays out in the wilderness every day… When people see it, the Bambi Syndrome kicks in, resulting in a lot of “Ain’t it awful”, and the answer is no, it’s not…it’s the natural scheme of things… Nice that y’all can go to a grocery store and buy you meat in a nice package, ignoring that it was once as alive as that deer……….the bear can’t do that…

  3. Really? Scare the bear away? This is nature. Deer eat grass bear eat deer. I bet you’re one of those that wanted the wolves brought back too. You kow what? They eat deer too.

  4. The deer just wanted to live a quiet life. Probably thought that she could reason with the bear, or at the very least didn’t want to be seen as specieist. The bear has had to live for too long with deer-is-cute privilege, and had justifiable rage at the preferential treatment that deer get from suburbanites. I look forward to government programs to introduce more bears, perhaps from abroad, in order to create more inclusive diversity in our suburbs.

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