This is something you really shouldn’t try at home.

YouTube’s Royal Nonesuch surprised us last month when he tested out his homemade 12 gauge-tipped arrows, but now he’s taken things one step further. Using the same setup he had last time—presumably cut metal pipes with a nail insert to set off the primer when struck—this backyard genius decides to try his hand at using .50 BMG rounds.

The terms “.50 BMG,” “homemade,” and “exploding” really shouldn’t be in the same sentence. Despite how concerned we are about his lack of proper protection, the .50 BMG arrowheads are actually pretty impressive. Not really practical, but impressive nonetheless.

Image screenshot of video by Royal Nonesuch on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Testing Out Homemade .50 BMG Exploding Arrowheads

  1. Posting stuff like this is pretty irresponsible. It sets a really bad example for kids getting involved in the shooting sports or archery and gives the anti-gunners another example of bad behavior to point to.

    1. Here here! This kid has no business being around any kind of firearm, bow, ammunition, or even a pocket knife! Your absolutely right about things like this getting posted on YouTube and other outlets,, it’s very, very, irresponsible & no matter how many “don’t try this at home” tags you put on the page somewhere someone is making these things right now!
      When I was a youngster it was my grandfather who thought me how to handle firearms safely because my father was in the military and deployed overseas for quite a bit of my childhood? If he ever caught me doing something even remotely as stupid as this A-hole he probably would have beaten me bloody with that bow?
      My son is 10 now & he’ll be learning how to “SAFELY” handle a rifle this summer. The last thing I want is him watching something like this in a year or two & then getting ideas from it? These videos are harmful to the entire shooting/hunting community & they should be removed & replaced with videos of people showing how to properly use firearms safely? We should be showing kids what to do, not what not to do??? The other half of the BMG shell, the part that’s missing, was essentially shrapnel and he very easily could have died!!!!

  2. This guy has no idea what he is doing, someone is going to get hurt or killed, video’s like this should never be shown.

  3. Just loved it…esp the bit where he pointed the live round at himself while it was in the end of the arrow, apparently with the round’s primer up against whatever he was using as a firing pin. Classic comment of the whole video: “it flexes too much and it bends”. Yeah, not real bright this young chap. Darwin should claim him any day now.
    65# compound bow? Give us a break. You couldn’t draw back 35# ya scrawny little rabbit.

  4. It looks as if Mr Royal Nonesuch is an intelligent young man. How ever many of his experiments are foolish and have no practical use other than possibly hurting himself or someone else. I agree with Mr Larson’s statement. Safe use of bows and gun’s have provided many of us a lifetime of recreation and good memories.
    We are facing the worst assault on gun ownership since the constitution was written yet I see many such irresponsible actions on the internet. These people should attend a college and become a real rocket scientist and get paid well for it instead of possibly blowing them selves up and giving the anti gun crowd more fuel to toss on the fire.


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