What do you possibly hunt with a 4 gauge shotgun? Traditionally these black powder guns have a been used for wildfowl. Realistically, though, just about anything that gets hit with a shot from one of these massive guns will probably be shredded.

So what does the 4 Gauge Shotgun recoil feel like? You can get a glimpse of what the recoil looks like below.

Youch! Keep that up and your shoulder will be bruised in no time. Yet despite how intimidating these scatter guns look, a black powder firearm actually does not have as much recoil as one might expect. Many shooters describe the recoil from a 4 gauge black powder shotgun as more of a “push” than the “kick” you’d find in modern day firearms. You can learn more about these overpowered geese shooters below:

Image screenshot of video by RiversideLodge Manitoba on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Could You Handle a 4 Gauge Shotgun?

  1. Those large shotgun gauges were not designed to be shoulder fired. They were developed to shoot ducks and geese during the days when market hunting was accepted. They were lashed to the bows of boats or canoes and fired as the birds flew up off the water… My advice, don’t try shooting them from the shoulder for two reasons, they weren’t high quality firearms and could explode and the stock can break your shoulder. Good Hunting!

  2. Thats not completely true, they made many guns of large gauge, some were boat or tripod mounted some could be shoulder mounted. There are not mount fixtures on these guns, or evidence that they had one on them. There were hundreds of types so blanket statements like all large gauge guns are mounted are unfounded.

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