Utah construction workers spotted a pink rattlesnake on Monday and immediately contacted Utah’s Reptile Rescue Service to deal with the colorful predator.

Jim Dix, director of Reptile Rescue, arrived and discovered that the animal had been spray painted pink. Dix believes that it was “likely a construction worker who used ground-marking equipment to paint the 3-4 foot venomous snake.”

Painting a snake is obviously very dangerous and illegal. Under Utah law, harming wild snakes is a Class B misdemeanor. Additionally, Dix stated that because the snake’s eyes were painted, it was more likely to attack because it could not accurately determine threats. The pink paint also made the snake more vulnerable to predators like eagles and hawks due to its increased visibility. The snake is currently being treated and it is expected to make a full recovery.


Image screenshot of video by TheGoodFather on YouTube

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