This tiny Florida Key deer found out the hard way that it just may not be cut out to be a predator. A dogwalker reportedly filmed this video near Big Pine Key when they found a deer munching on what appeared to be a dead mourning dove. It is unknown if the deer actually killed the bird in question, but judging from its determined chewing, it certainly wants to get some meat in its belly.

Deer predation on birds and bird eggs is actually well-documented. Despite their “innocent” reputations as herbivores, deer do not mind consuming the occasional tidbit of meat. Deer have even reportedly been seen chasing squirrels for this reason.

You can read more about the meat-eating habits of deer here.

Image screenshot of video by Birdmama5 on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Deer Has a Hard Time Eating a Bird

  1. I observed the same thing with a mule deer in British Columbia Canada. However the deer abandoned the dead bird after a while.

  2. While hunting in my favorite spot {burnt leg stand} I watched two does approach a “tree-rat” on the ground eating its fill of white oak acorns; much to my surprise the does teamed up, and attacked, and stomped the critter to pieces, upon which one then carried it off, with the other following behind. It was the damest thing I had ever seen; until this posting and picture, I had stooped talking about, for few believed me. Even though, after that morning hunt {and yes I was successful} I manged to make my way down to the clearing about 200 yards from my position, and my hunting partner and I saw the evidence. Dam where CSI when you need them?

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