CarbonTV, a premium online video network focused solely on outdoor and rural shows, recently produced two new YouTube ads that dared viewers to “See What You’re Made Of.” However, CarbonTV found its ads were promptly banned from YouTube’s ad service for their hunting and fishing footage.

Using some footage of hunting basics such as field dressing, the ad series playfully challenges viewers to keep watching. The premise of the campaign is that, for new viewers, hunting shows can be a bit difficult to watch.

You can see the banned hunting ad below:

“We realized it wasn’t simply about asking people to tune in, it was about challenging them to stick around,” said Dan Seliger, a CarbonTV executive. “We are committed to exposing as many people as possible to outdoor programming and we thought this approach would get some attention.”

The campaign definitely seems to have sparked a conversation. After all, watching someone skin a deer like he’s mowing the lawn can have that effect on even the most seasoned outdoorsmen. At the very least, CarbonTV was simply trying to get a reaction. And that they did.

Another banned fishing ad can be seen below:

The good news is that several spots from the campaign didn’t get banned and are living up to their goal of introducing new viewers to CarbonTV’s broad spectrum of outdoor and rural lifestyle programming. To watch free outdoor shows, visit or find CarbonTV on Apple AirPlay, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TVs.

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3 thoughts on “CarbonTV Hunting and Fishing Ads Banned from YouTube

  1. I had no problem watching it, of course I hunted for decades and have been a fisherman for about 60 years plus I worked in several meat departments for a living, so I’m use to it. If it bothers anyone, maybe it’s time you became a vegetarian! For crying out loud meat is not grown in a lab somewhere it comes from animals, and those animals have to be processed before you can eat them. Whether it’s a chicken, fish, cow, pig or whatever. What IF the most recent doomsday prediction does occur, where they say a solar flare, or a nuclear bomb from another country takes out our power grid and we have no power. That means no refrigeration. There won’t be any stores to go to buy your food at, you’ll have to raise or kill your own and you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Learn now, because if it happens, it’ll be too late to start learning!

  2. I’ve field dressed plenty of deer, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch one happen as I’m eating breakfast. I can’t see how ads like this would help with the image of hunters and outdoorsmen to those who aren’t educated on the subject. Overall the campaign was done in terrible taste, and would have done nothing to bring more people into the hunting/firearm community.

  3. Too many people think meat comes sliced and wrapped from the butcher; they are too far removed from the farm. Domestic or game meat means taking the life of an animal. A lot of people seem to be fine with end product but prefer not to think of the process that has to happen to get that steak or hamburger.

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