Pope Francis harshly criticized “weapons manufacturers” in a speech he made on Sunday during a trip to the Italian city of Turin. According to Reuters, Pope Francis made an appearance in front of thousands of young people and spoke at length on subjects such as the Holocaust and Armenian genocide, although he did not specifically refer the latter event as a genocide. The Pope also mentioned the “duplicity” of “weapon” makers and businessmen who advocate for peace while producing guns and other arms.

“It makes me think of … people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit a distrust, doesn’t it?” he told the crowd.

While the statement does not come as a surprise to those familiar with Pope Francis, it remains his most unambiguous criticism of the arms industry so far. For years the Vatican has been pushing for limits on “weapons of war” (tanks, bombs, and military aircraft) and small arms. In a 2000 statement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops titled “Responsibility, Rehabilitation, And Restoration,” church leaders in America also voiced their support for gun control.

“As bishops, we support measures that control the sale and use of firearms and make them safer—especially efforts that prevent their unsupervised use by children or anyone other than the owner—and we reiterate our call for sensible regulation of handguns,” read the publication.

Due to the Catholic Church’s vast global community (roughly 1.2 billion people), opinions on gun control within the group remain mixed. Church leaders have also previously acknowledged the right of nations and individuals in protecting themselves from harm.

In his speech on Sunday, Pope Francis also criticized the “great powers” of the world for failing to stop human rights violations such as the internment of thousands of Christians in Russian concentration camps under the rule of Joesph Stalin.

“Everything is done for money,” he said.

Image from Alfredo Borba on the Wikimedia Commons

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21 thoughts on “Pope: Firearm Manufacturers Can’t Call Themselves Christian

  1. As he said, “Everything is done for money”! The Catholic Church is making $50 per day for each illegal coming into Texas….go figure!
    So are wine makers not Christian? With the great numbers of drinking and driving and alcoholics?
    Go figure…my generation were the whistle blowers on men of the cloth pedifiles!
    The Baptist would encourage you Senior Pope to take care of your own house before you inflict your opinion regarding reaponsibile gun owners and manufactures as there is no more there except dedicated followers!

  2. This “pope” is a 3rd world socialist. As a
    Catholic , I’ve not heard anything but
    b.s. From him. Lots of problems to worry
    about. Get the Church on a proper path.
    Global warming & his rhetoric both belong
    in the trash bin.

    1. Really? You’ve heard nothing good. Typical CINO. Open your ears and heart to the entire message. Stop cherry picking.
      And in regards to the Baptist Judy, which Baptist? There are over 200 fragments of that denomonination. You guys can’t agree enough to remain as one. Maybe you should consider getting your HOUSES in order. What? No pedophiles in the Protestant world that you can bash? How long will you ride that dead horse?
      I own firearms and have many friends in the business. I don’t necessarily agree with all he has said either when it comes to gun control, the environment etc. but I’m not so closed minded not to be open to a possible path to to bettering our world.

      1. Really now, what climate change and gun ownership is about is: the elitist getting their “one world government” and 100% control over every person on the Earth. This is being done through “Agenda 21” UN Plan, which they no longer deny that this is what they are doing and that this is what “Agenda 21” will do. Americans are so blindsided and just plain ignorant. Why in the world would anybody continue to believe liars who have been caught time and time again in their blatant lies; and they continue with their lies, and the ignorant masses continue to follow them. The Catholics support the candidates that the Pope tells them to support and they are responsible for putting the Presidents in office,simply for the reason of the Catholic Churches large numbers.

  3. That is pretty funny really; i mean anything for a “photo opportunity”
    Is this guy from the Church who got its official international status from the the facists in world war two, the Italian dictator who was hitler’s right hand ally granted the Vatican its status as a sovereign nation inside Rome.
    Or maybe ???
    Is this Guy from the Church who helped many many Nazi war criminals escape ‘justice’ by getting paid to move those fugitives out of Europe into South America before the authorities could catch them???
    I mean that was so long ago who cares, after all how long is the statute of limitations on murder ??? oh that is right; there is no Statute of limitations on Murder…
    It is an amazing world we live in…..
    Personally i am happy to carry a gun, especially if i ever meet up with war criminals…
    And make no mistake if they thought they could make a fast buck they would be making guns themselves real fast…
    One wonders if he has issued instructions that his storm troopers, guards and protectors has all “handed in” their guns and firearms…

  4. Makes me glad that I left Catholicism years ago. The pope can lead by example and get rid of all the Swiss guard guns at the Vatican and ban all guns from Rome.
    Weapons manufacturers make weapons to ensure peoples safety and security, as with the Popes Swiss guard. Automobile manufactures build cars and trucks for the betterment of civilization and yet these vehicles are used all the time to carry out crimes against humanity and thousands of people are killed and injured daily with their use and abuse. Should these manufactures also be criticized?
    And before modern weapons were invented, murder and mayhem and enslavement still occurred. In fact, modern weapons helped bring peace and stability and civilization to the modern world.
    It is rather amazing that a learned man believes that weapons are the cause of war and killing, not injustice and hatred and ignorance.

  5. Jesus did not get involved in politics and neither should a priest or pastor who represents Him . It is their job to preach the law and the gospel only.

  6. The Pope isn’t a Christian either, he’s the leader of a cult who worships the Virgin Mary and NOT Jesus Christ.

  7. This from a religion that practices idolatry, praying to Mary and the saints, which is contrary to sscripture.

  8. That’s right OH. Don’t print mine or anyone’s comments that doesn’t agree straight down the line with you and you’re closed minded single focused readers. Thought you guys were better than them. Guess you are them.

    X reader.

    1. It sometimes takes us a while to get around to approving comments, and our comment filter is being extra-restrictive as of late. Cool your conspiracy jets, we’re getting to ya.

  9. As I remember the Pope is from Argentina. Argentina makes and sells on the international market weapons, FALs, BHPs, Bursas and then some. That is largely a Catholic nation and I don’t see them closing shop over his verbal thoughts. I can’t predict what Spain will do as they turned largely socialist. Croatia is Catholic and they sure are not going to stop. Basically if you go down nation by nation this is what will happen. If the Pope continues down this line he will alienate enough people that their worries of having enough money will intensify.

  10. I find the Popes comments about firearms owners and manufacturing a complete hypocrisy. After all the Vatican Bank owned and run by the Vatican is the major stock holder in the Internationally known firearms company most know as Beretta!!! Think he needs to get his own house in order and do something about the child molestations and homo priests running amuck in the church today.

  11. The pope makes some strong pronouncements, doesn’t he? I mean he IS an expert on global warming, isn’t he? Well, isn’t he? And he certainly CAN see the hearts of every firearm manufacturer, can’t he? Well, can’t he?

    I struggle daily with the balance between living “by” the sword, and living “with” a sword – the same person, the Lord Jesus, spoke about both issues, and He had to have a reason for this. I am convinced there are good reasons to use a sword – for instance, if I see a Toyota HiLux pickup flying the black ISIL flag coming down my street filled with hooded men shooting AK’s into the houses along the street and into the crowd, my prime directive will lead me to protect my family and friends with my “swords”. That is my take on things. Others may have differing opinions, but opinions are like navels – everyone has a different one.

  12. I am proud of my Catholic faith. Do I agree with everything the Pope says…no. But I know where I hope to spend eternity. My husband and my son hunt and shoot skeet. But for all those out there who have such a chip on their shoulder and refuse to see that what the Pope is referring to is murder…senseless murder of innocent men, women, and children. That issue DOES need tone addressed. The Pope is the leader of my church. A church that I love. It is not perfect but as human beings, tell me one organization that doesn’t have skeletons in their closet…including the NRA which for the most part I support. Even the NRA has had controversial comments too. The Pope is a man who loves the Lord and loves mankind enough to address murder…all while being a imperfect human. On judgement day where will you be?

  13. Given the state of the world today, I would suggest that the Pope might be better off selling one of his cloaks – or perhaps one of his funny hats – and buying a gun.

    I guess he did not condemned the people that carry guns to protect him in his arm security detail. How convenient!

  14. Alfred Nobel (Nobel Prizes) was a major arms manufacturer after having bought the Bofors Co and turned the production into advanced cannons, he also invented dynamite and the smokeless gunpowder. Still today the Nobel Foundation is sponsored by Swedish arms manufacturer SAAB. Anything is done for money as the Pope says – and what would the Nobel Prizes be without money. http://ftp.combitech.se/en/Air/Gripen-Fighter-System/Gripen-for-Brazil/Updates-from-the-Campaign/Saab-brings-exhibition-about-Nobel-Prize-to-Brazil/

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