Riding a moose like some giant, angry pony is never a good idea.

Not only are moose responsible for more attacks on humans than most other wildlife species, mounting one can land you some serious jail time and hefty fines. This video uploaded to YouTube shows this group of men chasing down a swimming moose before one of them hops on its back and holds on for dear life. Eventually, the moose was able to buck its rider off and makes its way back to shore—but not without giving the boaters some angry looks.

This is a textbook example of wildlife harassment and they just put it on tape. It should be noted that the video’s uploader did not mention where this occurred, but that the boaters have been reported to wildlife officials.

Hold on—wasn’t there a picture of Theodore Roosevelt riding a bull moose floating around the internet? If one of America’s most respected presidents can do it, why can’t the rest of we? As it turns out, that picture and all other representations of Roosevelt on a moose were likely fabricated. Roosevelt often called himself a “bull moose” because that was the mascot of his political party, the Progressives. You can read more about that here.

Image screenshot of video by Wolftracker TV on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Drunk Man Rides Swimming Moose after Chasing It down on a Boat

  1. According to my parents, there was a time in Northern Minnesota when you couldn’t hunt deer without seeing two or three moose in a weekend. I’ve inherited, and religiously hunted, the same hunting land that my parents roamed 30 years ago and I’ve never even seen sign of moose. They are obviously declining in America, and it’s sad to them treated this way in Canada.

    Moose have faced enough from human interaction — this is just dumb. I hope the cow, and the idiot riding it, are safe. If climate change, ticks and deforestation aren’t enough, then idiots like this are. Enough has been said already, I just want to be one more person to say fuck you to whoever does damage to the moose population in North America.

    Get it together people of Planet Earth.

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