Judging by his ear and eye protection, this shooter already had safety on his mind. Unfortunately for him, it seems like he left his mouth guard at home. While testing a pistol-gripped Mossberg 500 and running through the gamut of buckshot and slugs available for it, this man smacks himself right in the mouth with the shotgun after firing a 3-inch 00 buckshot.

“Do you need any stitches on that do you think?” asked the cameraman, who continues to film after the incident.

“If you were wondering what that felt like, it felt like getting punched really hard,” said the shooter.

He’s probably lucky to still have all his teeth. At least for his next shot, he keeps a firm—yet wobbly—hold on the gun. Consider it a small price to pay for learning about the power of recoil.


Image screenshot of video by James Drips on YouTube

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