For a shark, a dead whale is a like an all-you-can-eat buffet. They don’t mind sharing—but you better be another shark or you might just find yourself on the serving table as well. Michael Maiale was one of four New York anglers that discovered this great white devouring a whale carcass about 45 miles off Jones Beach last week. From a distance, they mistook the floating whale for an overturned boat and closed in to investigate. It was not until 15 minutes after they arrived that the shark made itself known.

“I saw in my depth finder a really big mark, and I said ‘There’s got to be something really big here,'” Maiale told Newsday.

It wasn’t Nessie,  but instead an 11-foot great white. It wasn’t too happy about seeing humans hovering near its meal either and circled Maiale’s boat several times.

“When it would come up to the back of the boat, I could have honestly touched it with the back of my hand without really reaching,” said fellow angler Liam Lyons.

It did not appear to be aggressive, so the anglers stuck a GoPro camera on a stick and put it in the water to see what the shark was doing.

Image screenshot of video by videoswatch2013 on YouTube

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