Most people don’t expect pontoons to be fast, but that’s before they heard of Brad Rowland. According to Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine, this 25-foot 2010 South Bay triple pontoon with not one, nor two, but three Mercury ProMax 300x engines is recognized as the fastest pontoon boat in the world. And the name of this speedster? Tooned In.

You may chuckle lightly to yourself now.

The monster pontoon boat belongs to Brad Rowland, who maxed out its speed at 114 MPH at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout a few years ago. That’s 99 knots for you sailors out there.

“I see 120 MPH not out of my reach. People freak out when they see me come down the lake that fast in a pontoon,” he told the magazine.

It might also be because he’s scaring all the fish away. You can see the world’s fastest pontoon boat in all its glory below.

At full speed: 

A close up:

Image screenshot of video by Chad Ruff on YouTube

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