This cameraman is extremely lucky after walking away unharmed from a charging muskox.

The muskox seemed to be eating without noticing the cameraman when suddenly it charged. Just as the cameraman began to zoom out, the attacking bull started in.

Luckily the man’s screams took the animal by surprise and it stopped in its tracks.  Male muskox can weigh up to 630 pounds and they are known for their extremely aggressive behavior, which should give you a little perspective on this encounter.

Image screenshot of video by Anders Wiuff on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Gigantic Muskox Charges Cameraman

  1. Well, gee wizzzz, let’s get really close to film a dangerous animal that has a habit of charging even frickn butterflys! People that get close to these potentially dangerous animals (including nears, moose, bison etc…) and then get stomped by them, deserve zero sympathy. What they should get is a Darwin Award trophy.

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