As one of the premier competitive shooters in the world, Jerry Miculek needs no introduction. Known for his quick trigger finger and unerring aim, Jerry currently holds five officially-sanctioned world records in revolver shooting and another 15 records with firearms ranging from semiautomatic pistols to rifles like the Barrett M107 .50 BMG—which he is able to fire accurately and rapidly offhand.

Needless to say, Jerry is also a big collector of historical firearms as well. In the video below, Jerry fires two of his favorite guns: the M1 carbine and its “paratrooper variant,” both of which are reproductions produced by Inland Manufacturing.

If you’ve ever wondered how these two classic guns would run in the hands of the world’s fastest shooter, now is your chance to see it firsthand.

Image screenshot of video by The Leaders in Gun Control! on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Jerry Miculek Rapid Fires Two M1 Carbines in Slow Motion

  1. The video was way too much talking and not enough shooting. Second, I remember my Grandpa actually hating the M1 Carbine, due to is lack of being able to stop a charging Jap, unless he fired multiple rounds. I believe the bullet performed like a 9mm fmj. It just poked small holes into its target and wasn’t a quick “stopper.”

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