Video: The Coolest .50 Caliber Impact Footage You’ll Ever See


It’s undeniable that Larry Vickers has some of the best-produced gun videos on YouTube, and this slow-motion shoot only cements that reputation. It wasn’t too long ago when slow-motion gun play was isolated to just the Matrix trilogy and video games, but modern technology and the relative affordability of slow-motion cameras have brought slow motion to where it really shines: the firing range.

In this video, Larry and the crew shoot .308 Winchester and .50 Raufoss rounds at two large blocks of ice. Not only do the cameras make the sight a treat for the eyes, but at one point a GoPro on a turntable manages to capture footage of the ice breaking apart while spinning. The effect is so remarkable that in fact, it may just be video-editing magic.

We’ll let you decide.

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