You might think that a jaguar wouldn’t be a good aquatic predator, but after watching this video, you might want to reconsider.

Jaguars are actually the most aquatic of all big cat species, and according to the narrator of this video “the riverbank is like a buffet line for jaguars.” This jaguar’s waterborne hunting skills were on full display as it stalked and killed a caiman. Aside from sneaking up on the caiman completely unnoticed, the big cat also killed the reptile with a single bit to the base of the skull. These deadly skills are what make the jaguar the king of the South American jungle.

Note: the video title said the reptile in question was a “crocodile.” However, it is most likely a caiman, an Alligatorid, given that this video was filmed in Brazil.

Image screenshot of video by NationalGeographic on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Jaguar Kills Gator with a Single Bite

  1. Very cool! Never seen that before. What an amazing animal. On an amazing side note, at the end, the credits show the narrator as Luke Dollar. I recognized the voice and realized that this is the same Luke Dollar I knew from shooting IDPA in Raleigh, NC with about a decade ago. A great shooter, 2A advocate and ultra-educated animal researcher who has traveled far and wide to document the most interesting of animals. Go Luke!

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