Crows are not especially known for their courage or fighting prowess, but this bird nonetheless managed to do something that was either very brave or very foolish: ride a bald eagle. According to Phoo Chan, the amatuer photographer who took these photos over Seabeck, Washington late last month, the eagle was only looking for a meal when the crow began to harass it.

“I have seen crows harassing a hawk by swooping back and forth in order to drive it away from their territory. I was completely awed to see the crow actually land on the back of the flying eagle,” Chan told the Daily Mail. “It was as if it was taking a short break and at the same time a free ride.”

The photographer said that the eagle barely noticed the crow. While the smaller bird’s harassment technique may work on hawks, its attempt to intimidate a much larger bald eagle fell utterly flat.

The crow did manage to grab a quick ride on the eagle, so it wasn’t a total loss. Chan said that the bird eventually hopped off and let the eagle continue its flight unmolested.

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