There are plenty of places on Earth that encourage the ownership of firearms, but there is only one place that legally requires you to have one before you can enter.

Welcome to Svalbard, Norway. Located in a remote region high above the Arctic Circle, it’s home to one of nature’s fiercest creatures—polar bears. The reason firearm possession is required by law is the large native bear population.

After a series of deadly attacks firearm possession was mandated, and tourists who are not familiar with firearms must have an armed guard with them when venturing outside of town.

Image by Hannes Grobeon

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  • Chuck Wagon

    Well, if you live in Baltimore, Ferguson or Detroit, it is also mandatory for good citizens to pack a gun.

    • raz

      mr. wagon. you are right, the cops are quite dangerous in those places. some others, also.

      ice cream. raz

    • Flatlander

      Spoken like someone who has never been to any of those places.

  • Jim Finley

    You want to see dangerous cops? Come to Albuquerque! Ours are rated as the most trigger-happy of any US city.

  • Tom

    Do I get to keep the bear?

  • tom.55350

    I don’t know about required ownership for this country but I do believe that in order to to whine to your legislators or protest for gun control, you should be required to complete an 8 hour firearms safety and operation course and have 10 hours supervised range time so you can actually have knowledge of what you are complaining about…

    • Lifelong Gunner

      So should I be required at least an English 101 , 102 course and 10 supervised Book Reports to be able to use the First Amendment?

      • Kurt Eskildsen

        Probably not, but it would sure help you understand it without someone else interpreting it for you.

    • James Davidson


    • Ohiogunr

      I’d take the next step, and require firearm training from kindergarten on. ACCIDENTAL shootings should never happen. This training should be extended to adulthood, where all Americans should be required to take elementary military training.

      • tom.55350

        My point would be for those who have never owned or fired a gun and have no clue, yet they demand gun control even though they aren’t informed enough to speak on the subject…

  • georgeIIII

    SWEET !