Video: Why You Never Mock a Moose Within Charging Distance


Moose are among the most ornery large mammals in North America, and the last thing you want is to tick one off. In areas where they co-exist, moose are responsible for more human injuries than bears and wolves combined. Don’t let their slow, shambling gait fool you—they can run pretty fast.

They also don’t like sharing roads.

That being said, we don’t know exactly what this man is trying to accomplish by creeping up on a bull moose with a “horn” in hand. Was he trying to provoke the moose into thinking it was another bull? Was he trying to communicate with the animal? In either event, the moose gets the last laugh in the end. Had it been a real charge, it is unlikely the man would’ve been able to get a shot off before being trampled.

So be safe. In the wild, moose always gets the right of way.

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