These fishermen heard whale songs from the deck of their boat, but they never expected a surprise like this.

Just seconds after hearing the whales, the cameraman turned to see a pod of humpback whales surfacing right next to his boat. The sights and sounds of this experience must have amazing, and you can tell from his reaction that he was a little too excited.

After the pod disappears behind the stern of the boat, you can still hear the angler mumbling expletives in amazement.

Image screenshot of video by Tony Flanders on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Pod of Surfacing Humpback Whales Shocks Fishermen

  1. a- The narration is downright embarrassing.
    b- The captain should have stayed put, the wales knew exactly where the boat is and backing up like that could have caused a collision.

  2. Nice… I just love how excited this guy was it made me enjoy the video that much more . stay safe and enjoy the outdoors

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