Michigan recently recognized its fourth record fish of 2015 when Garret Reid of Nashville arrowed a massive quillback carpsucker on June 20.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Reid took the record while he was bowfishing in Hardy Dam Pond in Newaygo County. The fish weighed 8.52 pounds and measured 24 inches long.

Coincidentally, Hardy Dam Pond was also where the last two quillback records were nabbed, earning the pond a reputation as one of the best places to fish for the species in Michigan. The previous record holder was Grand Rapids bowfisherman Benjamin Frey, who arrowed a fish measuring 8.25 pounds and 22.62 inches in 2014. Before him, the record belonged to Randy Bonter, Jr. of Grant, who caught a 8.12-pound, 23-inch quillback in 2012.

Quillback carpsuckers are large, carp-like fish characterized by their small heads and humped back. Unlike true carp, quillbacks lack barbels around the mouth and are not usually considered an invasive species.

The fish generally prefers slow moving bodies of water with clear bottoms and feed in schools. Due to the relative difficulty of catching one on rod and reel, quillback carpsuckers are much more popular with bowfishermen. If you do manage to get one on a line, they have a reputation for being fierce fighters with a surprisingly soft bite.

Image courtesy Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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