Depending on how you look at it, this strange photograph is either about the utter dominance of a bald eagle over its prey, or a valiant rescue attempt by a seagull to rescue one of its own. Either way, it was an epic aerial battle that its photographer isn’t likely to forget soon. According to the US Department of the Interior, the photo was snapped by David Canales, who was kayaking near Prince William Sound in Alaska.

In case you were wondering, the eagle won. Bald eagles are known to prey occasionally on gulls and despite a courageous attempt by the second gull to save its buddy, the eagle flew away with dinner. That eagle really doesn’t look too bothered does it?

You can see a video of bald eagles hunting seagulls below:

Image from Facebook

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One thought on “Photo: Epic Seagull vs. Eagle vs. Seagull Battle

  1. For once I wish it was the other way around. If I as a Seagull for the day, I guess I would have tried to get my buddy back too. Even if I wasn’t, I might have tried to at least attempt to even the score. Just my feelings (never shot at our national bird, nor ever would.

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