The fish in this video is still fighting even after its head and guts were removed. Is this a sign of the coming zombie fish apocalypse?

No, there’s no need to worry about zombie fish creeping out of your backyard pond. The reason this fish is able react as though it were alive is because the nerves that control movement are in the spinal column, muscles, and skin—not the actual head.

While not uncommon, this is a particularity extreme example of a fish exhibiting “living” behavior even without a head.

Image screenshot of video by Ed Cupp on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Dead Fish Continues to Fight Without a Head

  1. I had the same experience with a catfish. Head was gone, guts gone, fins and tail gone, plus skinned, just the meat in my hand and it kept wiggling all the way up to putting it in a freezer bag and into the freezer.

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