This video is causing a stir in both the drone and firearms community. It appears to show a homemade quadcopter flying and firing a Kel-Tec PMR-30.

With over 30 rounds of .22 Magnum, that’s some serious firepower for a flying drone. It actually seems like the setup of this drone was optimized the handle the recoil of the pistol. The increased distance between the front and rear propellers helps to overcome the recoil of a gun, thereby creating a more stable shooting platform. The drone even adjusts to the recoil changing its height and position after each shot.

While this is not the first video we have seen of a flying drone firing a gun, it appears to be the first one filmed in a backyard and not a film set. We expect to see an update on this video in the not too distant future given the murky legality of attaching a firearm to a drone.

Image screenshot of video by Hogwit on YouTube

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