Owners of a pie shop in Pinewood Springs, Colorado say a bear broke into the store on Monday night and had a massive, sugary feast. According to Mikaela Lehnert, who operates the Colorado Cherry Company along with her mother Kristi, the bear’s raid yielded some interesting conclusions regarding its taste in pies.

“Cherry and apple was his favorite. He passed over the strawberry rhubarb,” Kristi Lehnert told KDVR.

Bears are not usually known for being picky eaters, but this one apparently avoided the strawberry rhubarb pies like the plague. Everything else, however, was fair game. The Lehnerts told KUSA that the hungry critter downed 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies over the course of one night, along with mounds of other pastries and even ingredients like sugar and cherries. The owners speculated that if the bear could have gotten into the locked freezer, it would have devoured everything inside as well.

In the end, this overnight visitor even had the gall to take two pies to go, leaving a messy trail outside the store.

“I’m looking for servers, so maybe if he wants to come back, because that’s talent to get two pies into the back yard,” Mikaela Lehnert joked.

At least the damage to the store was minimal. The Lehnerts said they were able to board up the window where the bear broke in and start baking before they received customers on Tuesday. At the very least, now they can say the pie shop is bear-approved.

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5 thoughts on “Bear Breaks into Pie Shop, Devours 38 Full Pies

  1. from the looks of that particular bear…I would say that is not the first visit to the pie shop…or at least to their garbage cans…

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