“Getting a suppressor is like getting a tattoo. Once you have one, you gotta have more.”

So says Jep Robertson as he appears in a video promoting Silencerco’s #FightTheNoise campaign. As it turns out, the Duck Dynasty star is quite the fan of suppressors and is more than happy to show off a part of his collection. Jep also gave his two cents on hunting with suppressors, which as a Louisiana resident he was now able to enjoy.

“I was chatting with the governor and we were talking about hunting with suppressors. We were talking about how safe it it is for your hearing, you know, how great it is for kids,” Jep said.

As luck would have it, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill legalizing supressors to hunt game animals in 2014 not too long after that call.

Image screenshot of video by SilencerCo on YouTube

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