ABC’s What Would You Do? recently aired a segment in which a father is criticized for buying his seven-year-old son a gun for his birthday. In the hidden camera experiment, the pair starts looking over some .22 rifles and other firearms when they are loudly confronted by a woman who says the boy is too young to own a gun and all but yanks the weapon out of his hands.

Thankfully, nearly everybody involved is an actor—except for the other customers looking on in disbelief. As the show asks, will the customers defend the father, or side with the instigator?

Well, seeing as it is in a gun shop, the answer isn’t hard to guess. Many of the customers stood by the father’s right to buy his son a firearm and train him in its use, and was more than happy to defend that choice. As one customer put it best over the woman’s objections, “Why are you in a gun store if you don’t believe in it?”

However, will that sentiment change when the father starts looking at other guns, like an AK-style rifle? Watch on to find out.

Image screenshot of video by What Would You Do? on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Hidden Camera Experiment Asks “How Young is Too Young to Own a Gun?”

  1. Just because a parent buys his child a gun does not meam the child “owns” the gun and can do whatever he wants. What it means is that child can use his own firearm under a parent’s guidelines and supervision. I bought my children guns shortly after they were born. The guns were their’s and I was the custodian until they were 18.

  2. Proper firearm safety rules or “10 commandments of firearm safety” can and should be taught to people of every age, even so far as to non gun owners.
    People get hurt when proper Safety and Respect for firearms is not taught at a young age and re-enforced throughout life.

  3. I was shooting by the time I was 7.. decades later I’ve still never had an accident or shot anyone.. in fact I helped teach firearms safety. Some people need to get their heads out of their asses and stop focusing on the inanimate object and pay more attention to REAL problems.

    Oh and I’m up here in canuckistan.. where we have far more lunacy of ‘gun control” crap than the US.. and it does NOT work either.

    1. Also note.. the segment starts off with a LIE… accidental shootings as per their BS “stat” is classified as everyone 20 or younger including gang related shootings etc… That is hardly an accident or a CHILD!

  4. I was around 11 when I was able to use my father’s 22LR. It was a gun he got as a boy. My father kept his guns locked up, but would teach us lessons at a very young age (4 or 5). Gun lesson #1. “Son if you ever point this gun at someone, it better be me; and you better pull the tiger. Because if you dont, I will take it from you and stick it up your A$$”. Lesson #2 was less dramatic! I own many military arms, and plan to teach my daughter gun safety, the reasons I own them; and why I enjoy owning guns. Lesson one will be much the same as my fathers, with I few changes in wording. She has been shown respect and the dangers of mishandled guns. My guns are locked.

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