With all of the recent media coverage of shark attacks, it’s easy to see why people might want to take extra precautions at the beach. However, bringing your own shark cage is probably not a very good idea.

The couple in this video appears to have brought their own homemade shark cages to a beach on the Outer Banks. After watching the video, we noticed a few flaws in their personal shark protection devices. First off, the cages would have to be made of metal in order to offer the occupants protection from shark bites. That means the cage would prevent the wearer from going deeper into the water than they could stand without drowning. Secondly, the bottom of the cage is open, leaving the user’s feet exposed.

While we would like to commend the couple for their ingenuity, their shark cages don’t seem like they’re quite ready for prime time.

Image screenshot of video by Jordan Cutrell on YouTube

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