By now you’ve probably seen YouTube videos of people traveling short distances over open water on a snowmobile. This video takes that feat to a whole new level.

The rider in this video seems to think his snowmobile is a jet ski, and if you skip the first part of the video you could be excused for thinking the same thing. This is probably the furthest distance we have ever seen a snowmobile travel across open water.

The super-high horsepower and special treads obviously helped this rider, but he still has to be commended for this crazy stunt.

Image screenshot of video by HealthyHub on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Man Crosses an Entire Open Lake on a Snowmobile

  1. Guys have been doing this since the mid-70’s in MN and WI. Check out the IWA- Intl Watercross Assoc.- they have snowmobile watercross races all over the region. Pretty much any stock sled these days will stay up on the water and you can drive them until you run out of gas.

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