Undefeated Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev is a dominating presence in the ring. The current reigning light heavyweight champion of three sanctioning organizations, Kovalev is set to defend his title against challenger Nadjib Mohammedi in a much-anticipated fight to be held this weekend. A sparring match outside the ring has drawn the attention of the gun community away from the upcoming bout, however. HBO, the channel that will be broadcasting the event live, apparently called for Kovalev to remove an ammunition manufacturer’s logo from his shorts just days before the fight.

“Sergey wears the Tulammo logo on the back of his trunks and has done so in the past on HBO,” stated Tulammo, a Texas-based ammunition company, on Wednesday. “Yet for the upcoming bout this weekend, HBO has told Sergey they do not want him promoting a ‘war related product.'”

The demand drew a quick backlash, both from viewers and from organisations like the National Shooting Sports foundation (NSSF), which called the move by HBO a “low blow” in show business.

“TV networks are certainly free to decide what they broadcast, but the typical daily HBO fare of murder, mayhem and the glorified misuse of firearms suggests a certain degree of hypocrisy in HBO’s reported decision to ban the simple logo of a company that manufactures ammunition,” said NSSF Senior Vice President Larry Keane. “It is strange that a media company such as HBO has decided to infringe on the First Amendment rights of the boxer and Tulammo by censoring what can be printed on a pair of trunks.”

Keane, along with many HBO viewers, noted that the channel found popular success based on violent shows such as The Sopranos, The Wire, and True Detective. In 2012, Fox Sports Media Group similarly decided to ban gun-related advertisements during the coverage of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events, prompting a wave of criticism.

“This isn’t the first time a network has taken a punch at gun companies,” Keane said.

However, Tulammo and Kovalev stood their ground. On Thursday, Tulammo announced that the network had withdrawn its request and that the company logo will be worn on Saturday’s fight. The broadcasting company may have also listened to some of the scathing criticism it received on social media.

“HBO will play movies that have plenty of violence and death,” wrote one viewer on Facebook. “Then why are they giving a boxer a hard time about his sponsor who is a ammunition manufacturer? Seems like a pretty ridiculous thought process to me. I will be cancelling our HBO subscription on Comcast if they pursue this line of thought.”

“Mutual combat is OK. His logo is not?” wrote another.

If you are not familiar with Sergey Kovalev, you can see some of his greatest hits in the ring below:


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4 thoughts on “HBO Asked Champion Boxer to Remove Ammo Company Logo from Shorts

  1. LOL, HBO is denying this now like the lying left wing crackheads that they are. I hate giving their crappy left wing company any Money. I’m about to drop their shitty channel. The only reason we have their channel is because of boxing. You know these rich evil liberal companies all own guns and are hypocrites thinking they are the only ones that can have guns or be protecting by guns

    1. @ HBOSUCKSBoxinglsFixed.

      Denying WHAT, Sir. Tulammo had a Sponsorship with Russian Boxer Sergey Kovalev. Tulammo, NEVER had a Sponsorship/Contract with HBO. So why is HBO required to do “Free Advertising” for Tulammo…

  2. @secundius
    It is implyed in every contract for a sports event that if a network wants to showcase it they will be broadcasting the logo of the team or athlete aswell as those of their sponsor’s
    Spots for telvision commercials are also often included in these contracts.I have no doubt that it was HBO’s lawyers who forced them to back down.not the comments of subscribers or even of the boxer himself or tulammo.HBO no doubt “changed its mind” when their attorneys said that magical phrase “Contract liability” and warned them they could be sued for untold millions for breech of contract.Aswell as lose their exclusive broadcast rights for future events.One can easily imagine the network executive who made this request being hauled before the board of directors or just fired outrite should the company be sued for his/her actions.that is also common in corporate contracts

  3. HBO is pushing Americans away from their overpriced channels! They probably support our supreme leader in destroying our constitution too.

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