Most people try to avoid sharks as much as possible, but most people are not brothers Marcus and Logan Lakos.

The Lakos brothers were on a beach in Destin, Florida when they noticed an injured hammerhead shark swimming near the shore. The brothers pulled the shark in and noticed that there were two hooks and a lure stuck in its mouth. With the help of the crowd, the Lakos brothers were able to hold down the shark and remove the stuck tackle before safely releasing it back into the water.

Here’s what they told reporters from NBC News about the incident.

“I started pulling it in and it was kind of scary, but hammerhead sharks aren’t really that dangerous to humans. So knowing that, I pulled it in,” Logan described. “Everyone else was freaking out so it was hard to bring him in, but once people started realizing, you know, we were trying to help it, some of the other guys around, we were all crowding around it and trying to help it.”

Image is a screenshot of video by 1ArmStarfish on YouTube

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