What did he think was going to happen?

The last thing most people would want to attract in the wild are snakes. These slithery critters come in many colorful—and venomous—varieties, and they’re unpredictable. That makes feeding one by hand a questionable venture at best, especially if the snake mistakes your jeans for a tasty meal.

This angler shows off his snake charming skills by waving around a fish until it attracts the attention of a water snake. Unfortunately for the man, this snake apparently has poor eyesight and attacks his leg instead of the fish. If the snake had been packing venom, it would’ve been more than enough time to send this angler off to the hospital for a healthy dose of CroFab antivenom—and a lot of painkillers. Luckily for him, it appears to be a relatively harmless serpent.

Maybe he should stick to feeding birds instead. Video contains some strong language.

Image screenshot of video by ghamsarian on YouTube

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