One angler in Florida seems to have done the impossible after he reeled in a 412-pound goliath grouper while on a standup paddleboard last week. Captain Ben Chancey of Chew on This fishing charters is known for battling huge fish, but not usually on the relatively flimsy surface of a paddleboard. Sure enough, the huge fish pulls Chancey off the paddleboard in the middle of the fight, but he climbed right back on and continued to pull the grouper in.

“It was my first time ever on a SUP I had no clue if what I was attempting to do was even impossible,” Captain Chancey wrote in an email to OutdoorHub. “The fight lasted 20 minutes and I am still sore and bruised.”

The angler explained that he was using a custom unlimited rod with a Fin-Nor reel and hooked the fish near Stuart.

“You wont believe what you are about to see,” the charter company wrote on its Facebook page. “The Chew On This Saltwater Fishing Show has raised the bar once again. Watch as this angler lands a 7 foot Goliath Grouper from a paddle board!”

Chancey told GrindTV that the catch didn’t come without a cost. Besides the bonito that he used as bait, the grouper also sunk a drone the anglers used to film the fight. At one point the fish even went after the anchor of the boat that was tethered to Chancey’s paddleboard.

Article edited 7-30-2015: Quote added.

Image screenshot of video by Chew On This on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Angler Catches 412-pound Goliath Grouper from Paddleboard

  1. I might be impressed if he paddled out with all of his gear on the paddleboard and caught that fish. This stunt took no more skill than landing the fish from a boat. He was tethered to the boat the whole time so there was no chance the fish was going to tow him for any distance. If you want to impress us, do the same thing from a canoe and lets see if you get the thing to the gunwale.

  2. Can we assume that these “hotshots” know that these groupers are protected and that it was returned to the water in good shape?

  3. From the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:
    “Large goliath groupers should be left in the water during release. The skeletal structure of large goliath grouper cannot adequately support their weight out of the water without some type of damage. If a large goliath is brought on-board a vessel or out of the water, it is likely to sustain some form of internal injury and therefore be considered harvested.”

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