Kristoffer Clausen is one of Norway’s most famous and dedicated hunters, and his experience is evident in this video.

When faced with a huge moose charging in to just a few feet away, Clausen makes a calm and accurate shot that stops the animal in its tracks. The moose quickly turns to find an escape route, but his efforts prove to be futile.


After taking a shot from such close range, the moose was only able to run a few yards from where Clausen shot it, and in order to insure it didn’t get back up and run away (or charge him again) Clausen shot the moose one more time.

Watch it all unfold in the gripping video below:

Image screenshot of video by Kristoffer Clausen on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Huge Moose Shot at Close Range

    1. I’m sure the many experienced hunters here (all of whom understand the value of a clean kill to a far greater degree than you could ever comprehend) are thankful for the opinion of a fat, basement-dwelling Millenial Liberal who’s never hunted or even shot a gun.

      The articles about picking LED lights for your gaming computer are back thataway, kid. 🙂

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