There’s little denying that hunting can be a controversial subject. Hunters are constantly reminded that there is a large and vocal opposition to hunting. You only have to stick your head out and read up on stories like Cecil the lion to see how strong that opposition is, and how cutting the rhetoric can be.

The simple fact is that hunters and anti-hunters see the taking of game differently. To a hunter, it’s about conservation, the tradition of the hunt, and putting food on a table.

Below is a superbly shot video by hunter and biologist Donnie Vincent, in which he explains his motivations for hunting and how he deals with criticism. Quite frankly, it’s inspirational and well worth the watch.

Image screenshot of video by Donnie Vincent on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “This Inspirational Video Shows Perfectly Who Hunters Are

  1. Absolutely wonderful video and yes it was inspirational to see the grandeur of hunting country. In past years have raised cattle, and other animals for our own food and done some hunting as well. I agree as long as hunting is for food as that’s where it all started – food to sustain life. We like to get back to nature and it appears Donnie is very much into staying into that lifestyle. I don’t know that he could backpack all the meat out of such isolated country. He certainly saved the antlers.
    Our thoughts transition through the years and seeing what is best for our wildlife to even survive is important. Real genuine conservation is one thing but, expediency for convenience (which we see most often) is not good. Hunters like the dentist care not for the animals or conservation or the upset of the lion eco – he bumbled the kill of Cecil and then took pictures.
    To hunt for the kill alone is only an ego trip and very much against what I believe is good for our wildlife here or around the world. We see far too much sport for the trophy kill alone.

  2. Very well put together piece. Captured my love of hunting and what I think is the proper way to live my life.
    Respect the land and the animals that we share our world with.

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