Everyone knows that blowing up fruit with guns is one of the most enjoyable experiences a firearm enthusiast can have.

The OHUB Labs team took a sojourn to the range recently to do just that.

We set up an army of hostile cantaloupes and watermelons and set to destroying them with a new Savage A17 in .17 HMR and a Savage Hog Hunter in .308 Winchester. Check out the results in the video! After you’re done watching this one, give our video of an AR-15 equipped with a Slide Fire stock a watch, too!

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One thought on “Video: Destroying Fruit with the Savage A17 and Hog Hunter in Slow Motion

  1. A few years back my brother and a friend of mine got hold of 1-1/2 cases of grapefruit from the dumpster behind a grocery store. Using hollow point ammo with an AK the fruit almost vaporized —– you could smell grapefruit for a hundred yards. Great fun !!!!

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