Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit has some of the best euphemisms in hunting, whether he is “slocking” antelope or dropping “arrow bombs” on prairie dogs.

In this video, Tim shows off his long range expertise by arrowing a wolf from 90 yards away.

Not everyone agrees with taking long-distance shots with a bow. It can be hard—especially in low-light conditions—to make accurate shots on even a larger animal like a wolf. In the end, however, Tim did manage to bag one of these notorious predators. We do wish that the shot itself had been centered more on the video, but it’s hard to keep a camera steady with all that adrenaline.

Image screenshot of video by worldhuntinggroup on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Wolf Taken Down by 90-yard “Arrow Bomb”

  1. From the little I saw in that video, that was far from a kill shot. It also sounded like another arrow was quickly launched but you never saw anything in the video to indicate one way or another.

    My take on things, …… a poor shot at best to the lower ribcage judging from the line of flight. The carcass which was pictured on the end of the video had been lying on the ground at least over night and maybe longer from the snow accumulation on its topside. My opinion is that a lower abdominal hit of any kind of broad head hunting point would cause more trauma and more blood loss than any that which may have been apparent in the video. I doubt that he made the find within the time constraints of any immediate search as it would have been too dark to see much for tracking and the amount of snow on the wolf’s pelt would indicate a fairly strong snowfall should the case be that he found that animal that same evening. In that case I would guess that any blood trail or paw prints would have been obliterated by the fresh snowfall .

    I would have passed on that shot, period. There isn’t any logical reason to attempt a long range shot like that at that time in the evening for any reason other than filling a slot in the shooter’s ego that he had lucked out and hit that animal at that range in failing light. I wouldn’t be able to say that he made a kill on that shot unless he SCARED that wolf to death after he accidentally ran into that arrow but the entire video smacks of BS to me and that opinion is worth exactly what anyone who reads it will be charged for the reading.

  2. A case of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. An unethical shot that did not result in a quick kill. Is it any wonder the hunting community is taking so much heat? The ethics I learned as a young hunter seem to be absent more and more as of late.

  3. I think these people are no better than the Ted Bundys of the world. He also took pleasure in killing innocent lives. These people are sick & need help. I wish that arrow ricocheted up that sick bastards ass! I’m so sick of these people. We all know serial killers always start with killing animals…so people BEWARE

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