How far will you take your home-defense training? Baret Fawbush, the man behind the firework pistol drill that we posted earlier this month, recently uploaded a video of a live-fire home defense exercise in which he shoots several strategically placed targets with his pistol. The shots were made at both targets inside and outside the home, but all the bullets supposedly went into a berm in his backyard.

“Don’t try this at home,” Fawbush warned emphatically in the video’s description. “This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. All actively in this video is lawful for this state. All bullets went into my birm located in my yard. I have no neighbors for miles. No one was home.”

Nonetheless, some have voiced their concern for conducting this kind of exercise in their own home. What if someone dropped by the house during the shooting, or what if he missed one of the shots and it flew over the berm? This kind of training can also lead to bullet holes in the family appliances and a liberal amount of gunpowder residue all over the place, which is hardly appreciated.

What do you think?


Note added 2:31 PM: It appears the video has been removed by its uploader.

Note added 2:38 PM: A copy of the original YouTube video has been uploaded to Instagram by ENDO, which you can see below.

Image screenshot of video by Baret Fawbush on YouTube

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