We’ve seen a lot of videos that show opportunistic sharks making quick work of an angler’s catch, but this has to be one of the most incredible. Reportedly fishing in Australian waters, these anglers could only watch as a shark attacked their fish from below and viciously pulled it from the line. The video’s poor quality makes it hard to identify the species of fish or shark involved.

Many sharks are more than happy to take some fish off the line, and this can be especially frustrating to anglers who have spent long hours on reeling in a prized catch. However, many fishermen consider the occasional shark theft a small price to pay for fishing in their territory.

The speed and ferocity of the shark almost make it look like a piece of CGI animation, but we’ll be giving this one the benefit of the doubt. A truly incredible experience and a reminder of how powerful these fish can be.

Image from Travelbag Ltd on the flickr Creative Commons

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