There’s a saying that if you spot a mountain lion, they want to be seen. Cougars are naturally stealthy and rarely reveal themselves to passing hikers, but this man visiting Montana’s Glacier National Park seems to have caught one off guard. However, what started off as delighted fascination quickly gave way to alarm as the mountain lion crouched down and advanced on the hiker. All done nonchalantly right on the trail.

Looks like this cat needs to go back to cougar school.

Fortunately, the hiker was able to dissuade the cat from coming any closer with calm, but loud, shouts in its direction. The cat eventually wandered off into the woods, but continued to keep an eye on the hiker every few steps, as if it suspected the hiker of being just an overly large squirrel with an especially loud voice. Mountain lions don’t usually target humans, but they are even more discouraged from attacking large animals. This is why experts suggest making yourself seem bigger if you are confronted by one of these predators. If there are small children around, you should pick them up.

In this case, the cougar seemed to be more curious than hungry.

“Whoo, that was awesome,” the hiker concluded with a laugh.

Image screenshot of video by Trevor Rasmussen on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Hiker Comes Face-to-face with Mountain Lion

  1. This mountain lion has what looks like a large abscess on the side of its face, which may explain why it was seen at all.

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